Who are we

Training, Consulting, and technologies integration for the oil and gas industries

  • POES is a consulting and training Company, specializing on the development of skills and the implementation of Exploration and Production, subsoil, or surface projects with a comprehensive approach to the asset. We believe in the transfer of knowledge through the Learn-By-Doing methodology, totally customized to our clients’ needs.
  • Our team of highly-trained, talented, and experienced professionals in the international oil industry area, offers specially customized technical solutions and services.
  • Through our alliance with several specialized companies in the industry’s core areas, we can offer state-of-the-art, comprehensive solutions.
  • We provide solutions and services that allow the development of professional skills, along the entire hydrocarbons’ value chain.
  • We develop projects aimed at the efficient production, recovery, and exploitation of oil assets.
  • In the training area, we focus in the preparation of seminars, workshops, and formal courses with instructors who have a high technical and academic level. To achieve a comprehensive learning experience, our solutions portfolio includes several mentorship programs with national and international specialists who have over 20 years of experience in the energy business and who will work with our clients’ personnel to develop skills in an accelerated, tailored and timely fashion.
  • Our teaching staff includes over 150 independent, specialized, highly-experienced, and dedicated instructors.